Cenotaph 2016 Changes To The Application Process

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Below is a letter from the RBL explaining that for this years Cenotaph there is a change to the Application process and timeline for submitting your applications.

If you wish to take part in this years Cenotaph Parade you will need to submit your information to Wendy in the normal manner but you will need to include more information.

Your applications MUST be with Wendy by 02 September 2016 and must include the following information.

First Name
Last Name
Place of Birth
First line of address
Town and postcode
Military number if applicable

You must also include your criteria for marching and this is as follows.

1.  Ex service holding a campaign medal
2.  Civilian deployed in support of the military
3.  Ex service not holding a campaign medal
4.  Bereaved spouse of someone killed on operations
5.  Veterans association representative
6.  Military charity or associated civilian group.

The address that this must be sent to is as follows.


Please do not shoot the messenger!!……. (see below)

Royal British Legion Cenotaph Changes 2016Royal British Legion Cenotaph Changes

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