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Ode from Ernie...

  • Aged 41
  • Joined Marines in 1998
  • Served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland
  • Married to Claire Blackman
  • Convicted of murder in 2013
  • Given a life sentence

He says: "I made a split second-mistake. I had been sent to a brutal battlefield to fight for my country in an unpopular war. And yet at the end of my trial, the Establishment lined up to portray me as an evil scumbag because it suited them to do so at the time."

corp colours

Marine "A"
protest – serving marines defy orders by attending rally

Serving members of the Royal Marines defied direct orders by attending the gathering in Parliament Square to express their support of Sgt Alexander Blackman, known as Marine "A"


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Comrades who have Crossed the Bar...

Fast approaching the 33rd Anniversary of the "Falkland Islands"
and the 255 Heroes
who fell for us...

"The Movie, An Ungentlemanly Act"

Donation of $500 to the RMA from US Charity “Honor Our Marines”


Bench Goal Reached

SSBN634 - Important Message Kickoff Plaque and
Bench Update #5...

‘Landguard Fort’
Royal Marine Museum
an Ebook by
Terry Aspinall

Johnny Mercer pays
Tribute to
Fallen Comrades...


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Vehicle Excise Duty, VED aka Road Tax
(UK) 2017...

more participants required 25th may update

Oxford University is Seeking Participants for PTSD Neuroimaging Research...


Veterans Funerals
UK – Information...

National Defence Medal – Westminster Debate 12th April 2016

Official Recognition for our Veterans...


48 Training Videos...


Physical Training Guide "Click Here"



10 things no one tells you before you join the Royal Marines...

RM History...RM History

RM Cadets...RM Cadets

RM Service Records
1842 - 1925...
RM Service Records

RM Slang
Language Guide...RM Slang Guide

Register to Vote
(uk armed forces)...
Register to Vote

Article Of Interest regarding Mesothelioma
Part 1

You may be interested in following the link to the article regarding mesothelioma and the alleged disparity between MOD payouts and their civilian counterparts

Mesothelioma Campaign Victory - Part II...

Medical and Dental treatment for
Service Veterans
Sign Up Now ...

link fixed 25th may

Help Soldiers Combat
Stress / PTSD...

Information for Service Leavers...Info for Service Leavers

UK Armed Forces Pension Calculator...Pension Calculator

EU Directive
Could Change How You Buy Insurance...

Rules For Road Tax From 1st Oct 2014 (UK)...UK Road Tax Rules

Problem with Debt...Free Debt Helpline

Winter Fuel
Payment...Check Here

Cold Weather
Check Here

Veterans Healthcare...Prority NHS Care for Veterans

Housing Options for Veterans...Housing options for people leaving the Armed Forces, veterans and their families

"Defence Discount Service"
This is a
FREE SERVICE...Free Discount Service


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Royal Marines 350th Anniversary (flv)

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The RMA has a new TXT Donation Code

BOOT13 £3
to 70070

This will make a £3 donation
to the RMA and gives the RMA
an Xtra 25p for every £ donated

If you wish to donate more
then please do so...

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The SeaMore Project including RM Museum Relocation – HLF Grant Success...

Purple Warriors Are Launched...

Beating Retreat 2016 And The Corps Reception...

The RMA Rugby Football Club Will Be Playing Caldy RFC (veterans) On Saturday 28th May 2016 @ 1430...

China Fleet Club 25th Anniversary Golf Day - Friday 10th June 2016...

Two Tickets Available For The Battle Proms Burghley House 9th July 2016...

The Dedication Of The 40Cdo Association Standard – 15th July 2016...

Cenotaph 2016 Changes
To The Application Process

Deadline is 2nd September 2016 ...




Charity Clay Shoot

Fri 9th & Sat 10th September 2016...

The RMA Landing Craft Branch Reunion 8th – 12th September 2016...

The 70th Anniversary RMA Reunion 17th – 18th September 2016...


Fri 14th & 15th October 2016...

Uckers – Royal Marines Limited Edition...

RMA East Anglia Region – Monies Collected from G10 Room at Languard Fort during 2015...


G10 2015

G10 2016

Well done to Rodders

(Rod Spinks RM Rtd)

Promoted to
"Hon` Lt Col RM"



his assistant

Steve Searle RM Rtd


(RM & RN Cadet Instructor)

Well worth a visit…

A 2nd room has been proffed and is ready for upcoming season. So get along and check out the "G10" Grot...

Parachute Regiment Association (Tyneside Branch) Donation...

Royal Marines Association
Golf Society

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Attractions & Events...

"Double Taps"

# 1

Mr Karl (scumbag) Winn
(Feb, 2013)

I`d Rather Employ a Paedophile than a Hero...

# 2

Ben Duncan

(July 2014)

Armed Forces Day
‘hired killers’
Human Rights defence...


In Memory of

Mne David L. Allan (22)
Westerhope, Newcastle

16 Troop, CTCRM
"Tooley Trophy Winners"

Murdered by IRA Sniper
26th July 1972

Unity Flats/Upper Library Street, West Belfast

Always in our Thoughts

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The Pipes  

Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerrard  

300 by Lisa Gerrard  

The barracks by the sea my lads... The barracks on the shore...  

Remember the Brave  

The Bonnie Blue Flag  


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"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don't have that problem"

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