Support for AL Blackman`s Family

I have been inundated with emails concerning Alex directed to supporting funds for his family. Re advice given to me this morning from the south coast…

Plus… This extract from the RMCTF website

Throughout the investigation and subsequent trial of three Royal Marines, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) and the Royal Marines Association (RMA) have been working with the serving Corps and Royal Marines Welfare organisation in particular to support the men involved and their families. Nothing has changed.

Throughout the trial the RMCTF has provided financial support to the Royal Marines involved as well as to their families. To date, some £10,000 has been provided.

If required the RMCTF will continue to support Sgt Blackman and his family with charitable funding, with the RMA taking the welfare lead, if needed, in due course as they do any other former Royal Marine.

There is no specific charitable fund for Sgt Blackman but sending donations direct to RMCTF (or our partners Go Commando) or RMA Central Office is the only secure means of ensuring that the money goes where it is needed.  The term ‘Once a Marine always a Marine’ applies as much to Sgt Blackman as to any other RM veteran.

We cannot comment on the outcome of the trial or on any current campaigning regarding Sgt Blackman sentence. Inquiries should be directed to the Ministry of Defence.

Foxnwolf comments…

The way I see it, any funds raised Technically as they are now end up in the general funds. This I believe a legal thing as to how the charities are set up. These funds as you know benefit all in the RM whether young, old, serving or not and their families.

Not withstanding certain situations where discretion is used and Allowances are made. And I do believe that this particular instance is now under discussion as we speak. See para (4) above.

Watch out for emails from Central Office with Updates and Guidance. Read them before you delete them as some of them are important. Even more so when concerned with this case.


After having a quick brew and a few long draws on a Marlboro after typing the above and thinking about the advice given to me, I am going to go Rock the Boat as I usually do and also post the current link which has been set up by Dave Lilburn… which is…

I am 100% sure that all “Funds” donated will make their way to Al & Claire…

Teflon… (RM29918)

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