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This article is a "catchup", initially started in April 2008 and concluded in September 2008

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"The Daily Record"

It took 50 years to get his British Passport......



Foxnwolf....... (I own this web site) And am a ex Royal Marine (rm29918) and Met Police Officer. A friend of mine needs your help.

Keir Hardie a retired Royal Marine (RM32571), Glasgow Police Officer, Fire Brigade, Town Councillor and NHS Mental Health Nurse fired on (29th July 2008) by the NHS as they got wind of his "Status" from a newspaper report.



He has not got a "British Passport"!

He has paid his Taxes and NI contributions all his life, served 3 terms in NI in the early 70`s. Been married, has a loving partner Lyndsey and a 17 year old daughter called Amy.

He was OK to be employed by the government ie (see above). Having been taken advantage of, he has No Pension, No Vote, No Rights, No Job, No Welfare, No Medical Care....................Not even Job Seekers Allowance....................What does that make of his Bank Account? Credit Cards? Loans? etc..........................the list goes on, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS WAS YOU?.

The system is a "little" to put it mildly "messed up" and that is putting it politely......................................He, naturally has full support from all his family, friends and colleagues, but he needs Professional help.

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My own view, Maybe a day trip to France would be nice, then on his return he can utter the magic words "Political Asylum, please". This is not me personally being cynical, its how the British public view a situation like this. This course of action would put current immigration rules to the test. I am not racist and never have been. But, had he been a victim of a "different curcumstance" he would be allowed all the fiancial benefits so eagerly handed out to everyone else. This a man who has served the British Government (his coutry) 100% and paid all his dues. So, this leads me to the next course of action! Should he now ask for all his taxes, NI Contributions that he has paid like the rest of us to be reimbursed as they were so easily taken from his "wage packet". Or, should he do a "runner" leave all his debts behind and go on his day trip to France to show the current government how unfair the immigration rules are. They would have to give him and his family somewhere to live, benefits and access to all of the welfare system which is apparently too easily available to everyone else. There are too many jobsworths and most importantly not enough "COMMON SENSE" in the "System" IT HAS TOTALLY DISAPPEARED. This is not a Racist comment, this is FACT!!!!!!! ASK YOUR CONSTITUENT`s.......I dare you!!!!!!! (This comment is not the view of Keir Hardie it is Mine)

Keir Hardie need your help and support.

Kind regards.......Foxnwolf


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Keir Hardie a retired Royal Marine, Glasgow Police Officer, Fire Brigade Officer, and Town Councillor was fired on the 30th July by the NHS whilst working as a Mental Health Officer.

Reason? He has not got a "British Passport"! (But if you pay £750 and pass a "English Test" we will give you one)

He has paid his Taxes and NI contributions all his life, served 3 terms in NI in the early 70`s. Been married, now has a loving partner Lyndsey and a 17 year old daughter called Amy. He was OK to be employed by the government ie (see above). Now, taken advantage of. No Pension, No Vote, No Rights, No Job, No Welfare, No Medical Care....................Not even Job Seekers Allowance....................the list goes on, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?.

The system is a "little" to put it mildly "messed up"......................................He, naturally has full support from all his colleagues, but he needs your help.

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Please contact Keir Hardie directly on "omitted" and his email address is "omitted"

Keir Hardie need your help and support.

Kind regards.......


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SNP Defence Spokesman

Conservatives (Moray) Office

Home Office

Scottish MEP`s (UK )

David Cameron (Leader of the opposition, Conservatives)

Royal Marines Association

Home Office

Scotland Today TV

Richard LittleJohn (Press Secretary)

Sky News

Fox News USA (sister station to Sky news UK)

Daily Mail

The Sun

Chief Executive "RMA"


The Times News Desk

Jeremy Clarkson

Jim Davidson


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27th July


"Lifes Cards" Anonymous contributor (Publicly, well known)



30th July

31st July



Offer of Help and Assistance from Charlie Hobson (Chief Executive Office of the RMA)

Also informed by "Eilidh" in Aberdeen that Major Newspapers are also on the phone today asking to get in touch with Keir

Express Newspapers and The Guardian now on the prowl

Dear Mr. Hardie,

Your case has been raised to us by several of your colleagues and interested parties. I am very sorry to hear about your difficulties in obtaining a British passport, especially considering your exceptional service to this country. I have called the Naturalization office on your behalf, which I was assured by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would be able to assist, and they have asked for some information which I did not have. I understand that your parents were born in the UK (they may need to know where); however they also enquired as to the year of your birth and your parents marital status at the time. If you would like you may e-mail me the information and I can try and contact them again or I have enclosed the phone number so you may call them directly yourself if you prefer. 

I wish you the best of luck, please let me know if you need any further assistance, 

Eilidh Kennedy in Brussells

Temporary Parliamentary Assistant to Struan Stevenson MEP

Dear Mr. Hardie, 

I have just been on the phone with the Naturalization office, having relayed some of the information given to them by me, I was assured that given the information is correct you are eligible for immediate British citizenship.

I wish you the best of luck, please let me know if you need any further assistance, 

Eilidh Kennedy in Brussells 

Temporary Parliamentary Assistant to Struan Stevenson MEP

1st August




Chief Executive RMA Charlie Hobson contacts Keir

Moray Coast Motorcycle Club contacts Keir

Angus Robertson communicating directly with the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

2nd August










3rd August
Well earned "day off"

4th August
All is quiet (machines in motion)?

5th August
All is quiet (who, what, where, when)?

6th / 7th August
Keir is still handling telephone calls etc

8th August
Nearly 2 weeks has shot past and now its just a case of waiting for the "appointment". Keir will no doubt keep you posted. "I have to ease off now" Thanks to all who have supported Keir in his hour of need, really appreciated. I am off to follow the sun. Keir will no doubt keep you updated and will say "thanks" himself. (Oh by the way, for the few of you that are trying to cause me Grief, get a life)

28th August
Waiting for IPS to issue and send my passport (British) Got offered a job at my friend`s marina in Findhorn 2 weeks ago and took it. Did a shift at the hospital on Sunday too (noon till 8pm). Good support from the nurses. A big Thank You to all of you for your remarks, support and for getting the wheels grinding away. I will thank those of you who contacted me personally.......PMPT....... Keir Hardie.......

15th September
Passport Arrives in Post.......Whooppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

18th September.......At last "The Eagle has Landed".......Many Thanks to All Who Supported Keir and His Family.......PMPT



This "mission" as we know it has now ended with a 100% positive outcome, any one else with similar problems.......its all here.......


I am Now Having a bit of a Rest before the Next One.......

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