BBC TV Should Be Split Up and Reorganised


My thoughts are that the BBC should be totally Reorganized As its Not Fit for Purpose

  1. Get rid of the License Fee that the BBC seem to use as an Expense Account whenever and for whatever they wish to do.
  2. Structure the BBC and split it up into different companies/departments like; History, Geography and Science Channels etc.
  3. Make the BBC a Pay Per View similar to Sky TV and Virgin TV. Otherwise just BBC News for free as all other channels do.
  4. Reorganize the Management and Staff so that they are more accountable similar to a Ltd Company.
  5. Give ownership of the “Broadcasting License” over to the Government and have a fixed fee of £10 per Household.
  6. Allow the newly formed BBC to advertise as the other channels for its income.

There are currently TV companies world wide whether cable providers or independents that gain more revenue from advertising than they did from “TV Tax”

Whats so difficult? Your views appreciated…

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