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I make no apologies for circulating the attached posters as a matter of utmost urgency.

Whilst the media is soaking us with the progress, or otherwise, of the Brexit negotiations, Government Ministers are seeking to appease the EU Burghers with agreements to combine all EU Military into one EU Defence Force – next week!!.

This is being done without any Public Mandate, no Parliamentary Scrutiny, nor any Royal Assent!

It beggars belief and has to be stopped at all costs!!

“Veterans for Britain”warned us about this weeks ago

Act Now – (or forever hold your Peace!)


RED ALERT!                                               MARCHING OFF TO THE EU!

Government Ministers are about to sign us up to the EU Defence Force – Next Week!
No Parliamentary Debate! No Public Mandate!
No Royal Assent – The Queen Excluded!
Write NOW to your MP and demand that this is halted immediately

RED ALERT   – See full story:

Your MP’s contact details can be found on Google

and here

Handwritten letters get most attention, but email is quicker, of course.

Should you experience any difficulty, contact me for their contact details:

This is very urgent, please circulate friends and any service contacts you may have.

Do you realise that a joint EU Military Force, means that German  soldiers could be deployed on our streets for any civil unrest?

That means any marches challenging EU policies, for example !!!

Please write to your MP, today, and circulate all your Service Contacts

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