Attention all Royals. A request from Highland Branch RMA

Inverness Armed Forces Day (AFD) is being held in conjunction with Inverness Highland Games on Sat 16th July 2016. As of yet we have no RM support.

We have members of the local battalion (Blackwatch) taking part in the AFD parade and the various games including Tug of war. We have members of the RN from MCM 1 at Faslane taking part in the parade, we have contingents from the RAF and RE’s.

We also have members of the Sea, Army and Air cadets as well as numerous associations setting up their stalls.

What we haven’t yet got, but would really appreciate is ROYAL. Any support we can get from past present and future Royals to support us and represent the Corps at what is a prestigious event here in the Highlands would be greatly appreciated and I’m sure will reap future investment in the wider Corps family.

Anyone who can help please contact us using details below.

I would also like to offer our hospitality, help and assistance to any Royals visiting the area either through work or socially. So if your visiting our area give us a call.

Yours aye,

Paul (Ed)

P. Wilson BA.
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E-mail paulwilson16a”at”
Mobile 07818023660

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