Overseas Aid? (an acronym for corruption)

corruption money

Something grabbed my attention earlier today when a UKIP member offered a comment on Over Seas Aid.

OK his 70`s comments along the lines of “Bongo, Bongo Land” may have been a tad racist, or not…

But, his underlying explanation hit the nail right on the proverbial head. He explained in lay mans terms that no one else would because of all this PC gone berserk world we live in.

The “Department for International Development” will this year get around £12 to £13 Billion……. to spread goodwill around the world. Don’t get me wrong I am all in for helping those in need around the world. But this must be done directly not thru other countries Governments or those acting as Brokers or NGO`s.

Otherwise, it is and will without a doubt go to further finance Ferrari’s, Apartments in Paris/London, Private Overseas Bank Accounts… Yachts, have I missed anything…

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