The Green Beret Has Turned Pink

What has Happened to Training in the Corp?!?!?

This Story is Unbelievable and just Shows the “Nanny State” has Reached our Birthplace in the Drill Sheds of CTCRM in Lympstone.

I Believe that over the past 30 years the Shiny Assed Suits whether Military or even Worse Civvies. Including the likes of Judge Advocate General, Jeff Blackett who Metered out the punishment and others all the way to the MOD itself are Responsible for a Deterioration in Training Methods, Discipline and Morale throughout the British Armed Forces since the late 70`s / 80`s. This “posting” concerns the Royal Marines.

I have, 1st class intel from a visitor to CTCRM (5 to 10 years ago) during which “he” had a wander around catching up (as you do). Seeing how the “civvies” are housed and fed etc…etc…

Upon entering the Drill Shed he noticed a “crowd” of Nods shuffling in the corner with Fags lit, Hands in pockets with a Mobile phone in the other txting or calling friends etc. A Drill Sgt wandered round the corner into the area and had some catch up with the “visitor” for a few minutes. Then a almighty shout went out to fall in……. apparently, no one moved, no one stubbed out the cigarettes, no one stopped talking and hands remained in pockets.

The “visitor” by then was foaming at the mouth and about to hurl a couple of chairs that were in arms reach around 30ft into the malingering crowd when the DS said, Oh God No we cant do that now. “Discipline has turned to Rat Shit”… were his final words. He then went over and rounded them up like a Kinder Garden Playground and gently coerced them in to doing some Drill.

The “visitor” I believe Bit it his tongue and made his way to a Watering Hole. Where he met up with some Old School Oppo`s and Lamps were swung until late hours next morning…

Here is the “Story”…

bollocksRoyal Marine Drill Instructor Fined

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Royal Marine drill instructor who bullied new recruits, hitting one in the groin with a stick and striking another in the face with his own combat boots because they were dirty, has avoided a custodial sentence or demotion.Corporal Peter Clark, who admitted ill-treating the recruits at the commando training centre in Devon, was fined £1,750 and given a severe reprimand. A court martial at Portsmouth naval base was told that Clark was overzealous rather than malicious and he had been trying to knock a failing troop into shape.
Sentencing 39-year-old Clark, the judge advocate general, Jeff Blackett, told him: “Young commandos and marines have to be trained to a very high standard and the training has to be tough.“However, there is no place in training for physical and mental abuse that has the potential to harm the morale of recruits. The actions you took crossed the line of acceptability.”But he added: “It is clear from what we have heard, what you did was of genuine over zealousness and you had the interest of the corps at your heart.”Clark admitted offenses against three recruits, Joshua Croxford, Adam Lushman and Matthew Phelps-Scott. Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Heppenstall, prosecuting, said Royal Marine commandos were among the most rigorously prepared assault infantry forces in the world but should not be bullied.He said that Croxford was struck with a “pace stick” – carried by a drill instructor as a symbol of authority and used to set a marching pace – during a parade drill.Croxford had briefly looked to the right at the wrong moment, and Clark had asked him: “Why are you looking to the right? Is it your boyfriend? Do you love him?” Clark then struck him in the groin with the stick causing him to feel “sick with pain”.On another occasion he struck Lushman in the face with his own combat boots because they had mud on the soles. The blow caused a cut lip.

In a third incident, Clark grabbed Phelps-Scott around the neck so hard that he struggled for breath then pushed him with such force that he slid for more than a metre.

Stephen Smyth, defending, said Clark had been overzealous in his efforts to install discipline in a failing troop and to assert his authority.

He said: “He could be described as an over-disciplinarian. He was doing his job as he saw it but it goes against the laws of what could be called the PlayStation generation. What he did he shouldn’t have done but it was an effective way of smartening up what had been a poor troop.”

He said that many of the recruits felt that Clark’s techniques were to be expected from a marine training course.

Smyth said: “They are expected to go to some of the most tough and difficult places in the world therefore this course is a form of toughening up.”

The court heard that Clark, a married father-of-six, had gained medals for serving in Northern Ireland and Iraq. Smyth said: “He is described as a committed, valuable member of the team, honest, reliable, courteous, who sets the highest standards for himself and others to follow.”

The offenses took place in May and June last year at the commando training centre in Lympstone, Devon.

Foxnwolf comments…

To; Corporal, Peter Clark RM (a whole bunch of us “auldtimers” would have done the same thing Oppo)…

From Teflon; The three complainants should have be taken to the middle of the Parade ground at CTCRM, Stripped and Flogged. Then Sent back to Civvie Street with “I am a Scum Bag” tattooed across their backs. OK, bit extreme. Forget about the Tattoo… I really hope they are Not serving in the Corp…

And the Shiny Assed Suits still wonder…Where and What is “PTSD” !!!

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