Squaddie wearing H4H T-Shirt Murdered in the Street


As a “normal” member of the public I think it’s time that this government “got a grip”… This country has completely lost the plot because there is no one willing to stand by their conviction and say and mean what they are going to do for the public that actually VOTED them in.

UKIP£ Referendums which will win 95% of the votes in this country…

1. Referendum for leaving the EU

2. Referendum for extreme immigration controls

3. Referendum for removal of immigrants who commit any crimes in the UK (not imprisoned here in the UK and then returned, whatsoever) irrelevant of any visas or permits held. Unless a valid UK passport is held

4. Referendum to bring back Hanging for the offences of killing individuals, or groups by planning, conspiracy or meeting to discuss such offences to include any members of the public, police or military within the borders of the UK. To include overseas territories and any existing agreements in hand

5. Life imprisonment means life imprisonment Not 10, 15, 20 or 30 years (one appeal allowed within 30 days of initial judgement) with no pardon for good behaviour

6. The British Military should have a “National Guard” unit deployed to handle matters of UNREST such as this. And especially when our military/police are injured/killed like today

This latest incident has happened because of the last 40 years of liberal, soft toeing, self administering righteous individuals and the governments since. I want our country returned to us. I am not a radical and never have been. Just a member of the public who happens to have served in the Royal Marines and the Metropolitan Police

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  1. rodders says:

    I agree 100% to the above letter, we are a soft touch and a haven for terrorism and seems shit scared of upsetting the Muslim’s and other groups that want to harm us and spoil our way of life not theirs ours but they are glad to receive handouts that we have worked bloody hard for.WE definitely need a new leader and in my opinion that is Nigel Farage of UKIP who speaks his mind.

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