Stephen Anthony Searle (Stowmarket, Suffolk)


Our very own Stephen Anthony Searle (ex RM) is running for “UKIP” in the Suffolk County Elections and is hoping to get voted as Councillor for Stowmarket (Near Ipswich).

If ever you wanted someone who will support ex/retired/serving soldier, airman and yes even matelots (including Bootnecks)…


ukip flyer_for_Steve_Searle

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  1. terryasp says:

    Hi Stephen
    Go for it mate
    Sorry I wont be able to vote for you as I’m living in Australia.
    I grew up in Stowmarket, joined the Royal Marines in 1962
    We are all brothers to watch each others back.

  2. rodders says:

    Hi Oppo your flyer is brill, I can see you winning a seat with UKIP be thinking of you on May 2nd, pity there isn’t more like you Steve with Guts and determination!!
    Go for it Royal
    Best from
    Rod and Rose

  3. Teflon says:

    Good luck Oppo…

    You have definitely got a Big set of Balls, never mind what anyone else says.

    Will be keeping an eye open on your local TV online and on the website for your local council.

    Your Epsom weekend at my Gaff (location unknown to others) if you win will cost you a bottle of Dom’ 1956. And, if you loose (3) three bottle of Dom’… Thats for “SN” and his four accompanying “females”. Plus a bottle of Pussers Rum for me. Can’t drop standards in Surrey…

    Manly hugs from… Mac (and my iPad)…

  4. Teflon says:

    Well done Steve, great stuff Oppo.

    For those of you who want to know the “scores” (votes)…

    Tories 577

    UKIP£ (Steve Searle) 578

    4 recounts requested and the numbers remain the same. Great acheivment for a retarded (retired) Bootneck.

    Fantastic life changing day for Steve and his wife Anne. Best of British to both of you.

    Mac aka Teflon…

  5. Teflon says:

    Steve Searle, Ousts Mayor of Stowmarket Anne Whybrow who was also lined up to be the next Chairman of Suffolk County Council… And is now on “Gardening Leave” for the next four years.

    Anne Whybrow vowed to stand again in the next county election (in four years).

    She said: “It’s not a shock, it’s a disappointment. You can never be complacent. If Stowmarket is not looked after people will speak to me. People who know me know I have worked for the town and I will keeping working for Stowmarket. I have Stowmarket running all the way through me.”

    Conservative Guy McGregor, who was re-elected in Hoxne & Eye said Mrs Whybrow, who had been deputy chairman of the council, had been lined up to be the new chair.

  6. rodders says:

    Steve we are chuffed to bits Oppo with your success.We both wish you all the very best and also Ann on becoming a councillor for UKIP.
    Take good care both of you and you know myself,Mac and Steve ,Keir are behind you all the way.Once again Oppo “WELL DONE”
    Rod and Rose

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