A week in the life of KH & SN…

Keir paid me a visit for a week, left on Friday 25th to get back home to the heather and the haggis. Had a great time along with Steve Newland who was on a “working week”.

5, yes 5 liter bottles of Bells plus some Saki, Rice Wine and finally that general juice of the grape which I think is called Wine!……. White only though as “SN” (if fueled with Red wine) has a tendency to “Morph” in to a cross between The Hulk & The Alien Creature and I had lost the charger to my “Cattle Prod”…

Now am home alone and Drying Out. Those of you who need a hint or catch up on Keir you can check out these two links. They are both in old archived folders and are in basic HTML format so a tad rough round the edges but readable and the outside links may or may not still work.




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