Royal Marines Held in Custody & Others on Remand


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please find below from CGRM – grateful if you can pass to all RM`s in your area.

“Following their arrest by the RMP, 5 Royal Marines have been charged with murder on the direction of the Service Prosecuting Authority.  They remain in custody pending court proceedings.  You will understand that it would inappropriate to comment further on what is an ongoing investigation.

We expect the highest standards of our people and that they operate inside the law on operations.  The Royal Marine core values dictate that we behave at all times with the utmost integrity and respect.  Every Marine would expect that where there is evidence of wrongdoing, it should be properly investigated and dealt with appropriately.  It is always unhelpful for people to speculate without being aware of the evidence.  We must therefore now let due process occur and be careful to avoid potentially damaging speculation, including (or especially) through contributing to any social media commentary.”



I totally agree with the above comments. I for one am always up for a cause as you all well know. But, certain circumstances dictate a standoff measure, at least until we know exactly what occurred and under what circumstances.

Like you fella`s my thoughts are with them and I am gagging to put the Support up on my websites but as you have noticed nothing has been posted as of yet as I do not find it appropriate at this time. Differing versions of events keep surfacing and this makes it difficult to comment and support at this moment in time anyway. I feel it may harm their defence if we all go “off on one” with a John Wayne “Kill them all let God Decide” attitude.

I have loads of information that I could post incorporating differing views / comments and whatiffs. In this particular case we have a “Handy-Cam” as a event witness. So, until witness or defence statements are released or a verdict of some kind is reached and we are aware of how that verdict was reached just then maybe we can take up arms (in the literary sense).

Now is not the time……. RM29918

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