Bootnecks Vehicle Registration Plates/Numbers

Your Car/Truck/Bike Registration#`s


I also understand that some of you “Bootnecks” out there have the usual sense of wit & humor and own really good personal/private registration numbers… I have on good authority that the following “Plates” are owned by some XRM and are winging their way on our British Roads, such as…


Post your pics here, you can add your “RM#” under the bottom of your picture, please include your country code.

Make/Save the picture in .jpg format and keep the size to approx 640×480 (postcard size) you will have a “sizing” option after you upload your picture. If you do an approx resize prior this makes it easier and quicker for you to upload.

I`ll start off with mine below, to include “MI6 XRM”and “MI5 XRM”  which are all on a retention certificates


Above belongs to… RM29918 (UK)




Above belongs to…… RM16246 (UK)

Above belongs to…… RM29885 (NZL)

Above belongs to…… RM28570 (UK)

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19 Responses to Bootnecks Vehicle Registration Plates/Numbers

  1. rodders says:

    Wonder how long before we have a pic of “Lofty” Searles new plates eh Oppo???????

  2. ex45cdo says:

    Stop dripping you 2 and get ya dhobi sorted the S5 XRM will be on the car in a week

  3. ex45cdo says:

    Got the plates happy snappy to follow

  4. Teflon says:

    Remember, always get a Number Plate Carrier for your hard earned plate. Saves drilling holes thru it and spoiling them.

    I am sure we can put up links and recommends for our Plates Carriers and also the Plate Makers. We all seem to be using the same ones right now as their work, service and dispatch times are second to none.

    You get what you pay for so get a correct job done and they will last a life time…

  5. yorkiemalone says:

    How do I load photos on to here??

    PS Rod… P1KEY is a joke from down under look at it proper

  6. Teflon says:

    Hi Yorkie

    I did reply to you via email Login and click on “insert/upload” link. Browse or drag and drop your pic, (box will appear) resize to 640×480 then save/upload.

    Then add whatever txt you wish to. Any sweat email to me and I will do it. Give it a go first. You can preview before you commit.

    Crack another can of the Amber Nectar and give it another go…

  7. ex45cdo says:

    Hi Lads

    Plates will be legit on Monday so on the car for next RMA meeting Brill

  8. Teflon says:

    Bet he still sleeps with his weapon held tightly…

  9. rodders says:

    Steve is a lovely Guy, but he is shot away haha

  10. rodders says:

    Thought your new “TOY” would have been on here by now Oppo!!

  11. rodders says:

    Another 3 weeks to go and my new Vauxhall Antara 4×4 will be wearing my number plate : R40 XRM ,and Ist photo will be on here the day I pick it up so come on Lad’s let’s see some more RM themed plates on here ok !!

  12. rodders says:

    Oppo the “BEAST” really looks the dog’s bolx, thought the latest pics would have been
    been on here by now ?
    Thanks for a lovely day yesterday Pete,Rose myself and little Jess really enjoyed it & great to see little “Looey” doing well

  13. rodders says:

    Great new’s about “Looey” Pete. Bet the beast is the envy of many in Surrey Oppo.
    LOve to Sounee,KA and your good self Mate
    Rod and Rose

  14. rodders says:

    Cheers Oppo for posting my pic’s of the new motor,and with such a great number plate
    made my next door tenant sick when he saw me putting the plates on haha !!
    We need loads more of RM themed plates on here,I’ll put it back on OAMAAM ok !!

  15. daisy liddell says:

    Nice cars! Wow! Ford pick-up always makes me crazy!

  16. rodders says:

    Pete I have a date with Steve S @ Landguard Fort to-morrow , this is where we met HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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