The Catholic Church – HEAR, SEE and SAY “NO EVIL”


You only did it once… A momentary lapse of faith… The lord says, forgive…

The pope has “Diplomatic Immunity”

Millions of children, women and men worldwide including the very vulnerable are victims of this institution, going back 100`s of years worldwide up to this present time, and still continuing daily. Maybe only a minority of the catholic church are involved in committing all forms of atrocious sexual misconduct. BUT, the catholic church as a whole has done nothing whatsoever to fully admit publicly, punish or stop this happening so they are all guilty. The files and paperwork locked away in Vatican city are remaining tightly shut and under guard…

The pope is in fact the CEO of the largest paedophile ring in the world

Diplomatic Immunity prevents the courts from bringing him accountable to answer and explain himself including his employees.

Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy

The Pope (The Boss)

Archbishop (Underboss)

Cardinals & Bishops (Consigliere)

Bishop (Capo)

Priest (Crew)

Deacon (Associate)

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