‘Wicked Wasp’ At Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

From 21 July to 2 September 2018 – 9am to 4pm

Location: HMS Victory, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Sit inside an original Westland Wasp helicopter as you pilot your way to fun.  Experience what it was like to man an aerial vehicle as you get inside the pilot’s cockpit.  The ‘Wicked Wasp’ will sit alongside HMS Victory from 21 July to 2 September. Take the ultimate selfie together as you see the tight confines pilots would have experienced during air combat. 

Book online and save 20% on an 11 Attraction Annual Pass

The above activity is free with a valid attraction ticket.

Valid tickets include our National Museum of the Royal Navy National Membership, the 11 Attraction Annual Pass to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and an Any 1, Any 2 or Any 3 attraction ticket.

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