Where has Your Money Gone?

Where has Your Money Gone?

The latest report written in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ the money Britain gives in Overseas Aid (as below). The Minister for Overseas Aid was also heard on the BBC World News programme with his report of the Foreign Aid Programme Britain’s donations. It came after the report of the UK Budget. A follow up was the sacking of 2,000 experienced long term servicemen, *One Sgt Major was actually serving on the front line in Afghanistan when he was informed he was going to be sacked. The government state the MOD cannot afford to keep them. Pilots were shelved near the completion of the course they only had two weeks left to finish. Fighter planes are being scrapped, as are essential RN Ships.

The Defence budget has had a 30% reduction cut while British Forces in Afghanistan are in desperate need for safety vehicles and essential equipment the government say they cannot provide because of lack of funds.  The Overseas Aid and the Welfare costs the UK pay out should have been the first reduction in finance, and cut drastically to make sure the money is available towards the safety of our troops which should be paramount. The government should stop the money given to the Imams (have never worked in 19 years and get over 2,000 pounds a month to support the kids he knocks out with three wives), also his other social security dissident parasites who have no intention of ever working, they should be kicked out with the riff raff and millions of other scroungers Blairs ‘New Labour mob let in.

They should immediately, bring in National Service to get the millions of UK’s bone idle youths of their arses. And get out of the EU that is also robbing the British public blind, while Germany and France reap all the benefits. and live in luxury. The British government should wake up from their own self indulgence and make sure Britain do not donate anymore more funds to the EU and shelf the inane laws and legislation they think up and bring into force from week to week, absolutely ridiculous laws that affect British citizens, thought up by a mob of overpaid pigs in the trough foreigners who now run Britain, which is now known as the “European Nanny Welfare State.”

Also unbelievable the billions of dollars India and Pakistan spend on cricket while Britain subsidise their starving millions living in abject poverty and squalor on their streets. Also note the money Pakistan are spending on Defence. We thought the Australian government were wasting our tax payer’s money. According to the UK list of benefactors the countries involved receive aid from both OZ and the UK. A serious case of double dipping while our own pensioners, hospitals and clinics close, and essential services suffer because both governments say they do not have the funds.   Bloody farcical!!!

It would appear that, it is not only our, dearly beloved “Krudd” that is still giving the tax payers money away.

And I was under the false impression that UK was broke and owes the IMF some £650bn + (unless you know different) how wrong you can be.

 Just in case you missed the figures for the UK Overseas Aid Budget for 2011/2012, here are the details

Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph:-

In £ Millions:-

Ethiopia                                  290

India                                        280

Pakistan                                 267

Bangladesh                            200

Nigeria                                    180

African Regional Bodies      180

Afghanistan                           178

Tanzania                                150

Congo                                     147

Sudan                                     140

Don’t Forget Portugal         ???

Don`t Forget Spain             ???

On top of this there is a suggestion of a £100 M for Zimbabwe.

You will be aware that statements had been made to exempt India from the Aid Budget, but that country still appears in the listings.

The previous 4 years for Pakistan Education was £250M, the next 4 years could be £650M.You may also be aware that Pakistan is currently negotiating with China for a £1Billion purchase of submarines, and a £1Billion purchase of Fighter Planes.   All make sense?  

If you had the misfortune to listen to the Minister for Overseas Aid on the radio a few weeks ago, you may remember that the oration was noticeable for his level of conceit and arrogance, not what is needed to get his message accepted by the British Public.

In “The Big Society” the giving of Overseas Aid could be devolved from Government and left to people to subscribe to Charities.  If the Government has “hidden agendas” concerning National Security, or Anti-terrorism, then in their much vaunted “transparency” they should make those facts known.

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