Stop the cuts to the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy’s amphibious assault ships – Petitions

Please sign as requested 


General Julian Thompson RM

As you can imagine Julian is up in arms about the suggested cuts, he is very
involved with the movers and shakers and is doing what he can to bring them
to their senses!

BBC News

Sky News

As he and many others point out, how on earth can you land people on beaches
without landing craft and troops who have been trained in their use and
amphibious landings? think Normandy, the Falklands, Gallipoli, and recently
their humanitarian help in the West indies after the hurricanes, landing
supplies over beaches because the port was destroyed. And of course we know
that not only are the Royal Marines the best in the world! (think their
record in Iraq and Afghanistan) but they are specifically trained for
amphibious work and provide 50% of Uk special forces, more than any other
regiment or service.

So please, all of you, be loves and sign this to save them, we need 100,000
sigs for it to be required to be debated in parliament, otherwise they will
just be cut without a discussion/debate.

LOL to you all,
Jane and Julian.

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