Pirate Radio

Station #2 Radio Caroline Regular Albums (live)

Station #3 Radio Caroline North Pure Nostalgia (live)

A band of “pirates” DJs that captivated Britain, playing the music that defined a generation and standing up to the BBC that only wanted to  play “real” music, and nothing else on the airwaves apart from an hour or two of specially selected “pop” to partially satisfy the unruly young generation of the time.

This is acknowledgement to the Pirate Radio Stations we used to listen to when we were younger. Anchored up in the coastal waters of the UK around 50 years ago pumping out Rock & Roll and everything else 24/7 they opened our ears to a new world of music and fantasy which redefined the generation of that era.

This movie may or not have been about Radio Caroline but no doubt encompasses what life would have been like aboard a Pirate Radio Station…

Pirate Radio

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