SSBN 634 Fred Grund on Final Patrol

Fred Grund FTC(SS)  April 7, 1940 – December 26, 2016

Chief Grund was born on April 7, 1940 in Baltimore, MD.  He spent his last years in Pelham, NH. and departed on Final Patrol on December 26, 2016 in Lowell, MA. He retired as a Safety Engineer with Raytheon about two years ago.

During Chief Grund’s Naval career, he served on the following ships:

USS Sealion (SS/APSS/LPSS/SSP-315)   1959-60

USS Barbel (SS-580)   1960-61

USS Grampus (SS-523)   1961-63

USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)   1965-68

USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634)    1974-78

Sailor, rest your oar.

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