The Dedication Of The 40Cdo Association Standard – 15th July 2016

As can be seen below, this is the outline for the Dedication of our Standard at Norton Manor Camp.

Please ensure that you follow the instruction for those who wish to attend, please submit your names to the Vice Chairman Mr John Portman either by email or post.

If travelling by car please also state make Colour and Registration Number of the Car which has to be submitted to the Camp prior to your arrival by John Portman

Vice Chairman… Mr John Portman

Email: john”at”

40 Commando Association visit and the blessing of the standard on the 15 July 2016.  The outline of the day will run as follows:

  1. 1300 hrs :40 Cdo Association ranks arrive at Norton Manor Camp, hosted in the Sergeants Mess.
  2. 1350 hrs: 40 Cdo parade.
  3. 1400 hrs: 40 Cdo Association move to the parade. Ceremony conducted by the Padre.
  4. 1430 hrs: Blessing of the Association Standard in the Church.
  5. 1500 hrs: Weapon/ vehicle stance
  6. 1530 hrs: retire to mess
  7. 1600 hrs: buffet in the SNCO’s Mess/ bar open.
  8. All are welcome to attend the families day on the 16 July 2016.

Association National Chairman…  Mr Brian Bartlett

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