A Message From Pamela Bagshaw

I don’t know whether it is appropriate to ask for the text below to be circulated??  Please do tell me if this can be done?!

‘My daughters and I would like to thank everyone who attended!  Not only the Bugler, who was wonderful, and Dave Lazeny who bore the standard, but everyone who traveled to join us in the Yorkshire Dales.  The farthest flung having journeyed from Tenerife and Warsaw!!

We would especially like to thank everyone for their generous donations.  The Church council inform me that £1,200.20 was collected and the British Heart Foundation have expressed their thanks for the generosity shown!!   In addition to this there have been several cheques sent direct to the Foundation. ‘

Very sincere regards

Pamela Bagshaw

Foxnwolf comments… Can someone please let Pamela and her Family know that her request has been gratefully acknowledged

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