Branch Secretary Sought For RMA US Marine Corps Branch

The Royal Marines and the United States Marine Corps have a long standing relationship of brotherhood, friendship and common Esprit De Corps. There are those from both Marine families who have served with each other down the years and have forged close bonds to the other Marine Corps as well as their own. To that end a new RMA US Marine Corps branch is forming in London, and will be based out of the Union Jack Club.

The new Branch is looking for a Branch Secretary who can spare a couple of Hours a week really helping to establish the branch and ultimately assist with the nuts and bolts of running said branch. Service alongside the US Marines is not necessary but would obviously be a nice to have.

The person will have to be a Member of the RMA in the first place, or be prepared to join the RMA.

Anyone who is interested in the post should contact Mike Allen in the first instance on the following email address.


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