The Passing Of Graham Capewell RM

I regret to inform you of the death of a former bootneck PO39363L Cpl Graham Capewell whom served with 40 Cdo between 1979-95, primarily as a signaller and lived in Ramsgate.  He died last night after a battle with cancer, having been suffering for 3 months from the terrible disease.

Graham worked for the past 10 years within the civil service as an Administrative Officer for the Army Reserves in Canterbury which is where I met him.

We have spoken to his family and they would like the wider community to be informed of his passing.  If anyone has any pictures of him whilst serving it would be great to be able to pass it on to his family.

Grahams funeral will take place on Monday the 18th at 1520 hrs at Margate Crematorium Manston Road, Margate, Kent, CT94LY.

A RM Bugler will be in attendance, and if there are any inquiries regarding this funeral, please forward them to me.  Ron Williams, Area Chairman SEA RMA. Home number 01843 580 602 or mobile 07879 685 525 and my email is “quexron”at””

Captain Angus is too busy to be dealing with requests for information from the wider Corps Family.  Regards Ron Williams

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