From Brigadier M P Ellis OBE Royal Marines (Retired)

From Brigadier M P Ellis OBE Royal Marines (Retired)                                    

Mr R Jiggins

RMA Chelmsford & District Branch,

RAFA, Hall Street,

Chelmsford, Essex


18 December 2015

Dear Rae,

I write embarrassingly belatedly in response to your letter of 7 December 2015 with which you enclosed the cheque for the fantastic sum of £2489 raised by East Anglia RMA Region representing the total collected from the G10 Room at Landguard Fort during 2015.

It is very obvious that everyone who has contributed to this magnificent, long-term fundraising work put much time and energy into generating this phenomenal sum: the result is hugely impressive, and I fully recognise that it reflects significant dedication and determination by Rod Spinks and Steve Searle, to whose efforts you have kindly drawn my attention.  I know from photographs that I have seen of the G10 Room in the fort just how much love and attention has been given to it to make it the success that it so clearly is.

This collective, splendid total will without doubt make a significant contribution to helping us take the Association forward and in so many ways improve our ability to support those of our Corps Family experiencing difficulties. Rod, Steve and those who have helped them over the year have every reason to be proud of this magnificent achievement, not only as a major fundraising success in its own right but also as a demonstration that every one of them retains the commando spirit of unselfishness, determination and cheerfulness that was so firmly embedded in us all throughout our service with the Corps.  I offer you and them my sincerest thanks and congratulations for this splendid effort.

Please pass on my personal and sincerest thanks to those splendid RMA members for giving so generously of their time and energy to make Room G10 such a success that works so well in support of the Corps Family.  I wish you and them a very happy and relaxing Christmas, and look forward to seeing as many as possible of you all in East Anglia Region next year.

Yours aye,

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