The Passing Of Harold (Podge) Overbury (2nd UPDATE)

Harold (Pdge) Overbury crossed the bar  at the Knapps Cross Rest Home on Friday 3rd of December.

Awaiting further details…

Roy Davis… Exmouth Branch Sec

Funeral details for Podge Overbury (Exmouth RMA) are as follows

The funeral will be held on Thursday 17 December at 1530 at Exeter Crematorium followed by wake at the Police Club in Exmouth.

Full RMA Rig – Beret, Blazer & Medals

Jumper Collings… Vice President… Exeter Branch… RMA

The funeral of Podge Overbury

There will be a final Rep Net for 2015 out later in the week but we are tight on time to get the details of Podge’s funeral out to people. Podge was a lovely man who touched all he met. If you can get there to give him the send off he deserves I am sure he will be smiling at you all from on high.

The Funeral Details For Podge Overbury

The Funeral of Podge Overbury will take place at Exeter Crematorium on Thursday 17th December at 15.30 followed by a wake at the Exmouth RMA Club/Police club from 16.30hrs

Many Thanks… Roy Davies

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