The Passing Of Former RM Alec Thoms

Most of you will have known Alec Thoms via the RMA.

Full name was Alexander Edward (Alec) Thoms aged 75 when he fell in the west Jesmond Metro Station hitting the back of his skull in a fall from which he never regained consciousness. He died on Saturday 28th November at 4pm

 He had served in the Royal Marines Reserve for 19 years. During which most of his serving years were in the SBS reserve troop, he left the service in 1986 aged 45. (Naval LSGC medal)

His cheerful, happy outlook on life will be sadly missed by all, Rest in Peace Alec.

Funeral will take place on the Monday 14th December at 1415hrs in the West Road Crematorium (East Chapel) and after in the West Jesmond RBL club all welcome.

Ray Alexander

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