Gareth Williams (fall guy for MI6)

Gareth Williams (fall guy for MI6)

A. He killed himself (Er… I dont think so, Houdini could not even have done it)

B. No evidence of other persons being involved (Of course not, after a “cleanup team” had a week to “tidy” up)

C. Didnt notice he was missing for a week (Obviously orchestrated from up the ladder so as “B” could “tidy” up)

D. Only now are 50 of his colleagues going to get “DNA`d” (Who is doing the DNA`ing? And, are the samples going to be independently checked or are they off to a far, flung governmental Lab?)

E. Passport and several USB “sticks” found in a draw by his desk which were previously missed (By the way Judge, you cant have a peek in on the contents of the “sticks”)

F. All the above is being juggled by a “Ghost”. This in my view a cover up of sorts that basically got out of hand. What was initially being “covered up” prior to Gareth Williams demise…….Obviously to do something with regards to “codebreaking” (remember, he also did some database/searches on his own. I smell a link, dont you?…….

Finally, the “slurs” that come up to distract, confuse and misdirect the legal proceedings; wears womens shoes and clothing, gay, likes being tied up (so does half of MI6)

Lets see what happens next, your comments are welcome…….

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