The Passing Of Former RM Ron Smee

The Passing Of Former RM Ron Smee

My name is Martin Smee (Son of Ron Smee). Both former bootnecks.

Would you be able post the details of Ron’s departure and funeral over the net for me please?

A former W02 signaller he served from 1957-1979. He passed away in Devon on 19th Feb 2015 after battling several illnesses over the last 7/8 years. He served all over the world, including Singapore, Aden and on-board ships such as HMS Fearless.

He was a very keen sportsman and his passion was wrestling, hockey, cricket and football.

The family want anyone wishing to attend the funeral to know that it will be held in Chudleigh Church, Chudleigh, Devon on 9th March at 2pm.

Flowers are welcome but prefer to have all donations sent to the RMA or Not Forgotten association.

Very much appreciated

Martin and Family

(extract from RMA email)

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