Festival of Remembrance 24th Oct 2014

Dear Member,

Please see a request from Alan Purdie, The National Events Co-ordinator, Royal British Legion:

“I realize that the request I am about to ask you is short notice but I hope that you will be able to assist.

At this year’s Festival there is recognition of the events in Normandy in June 1944 and as part of this we would like to offer some seats for the evening performance for Normandy Veterans who were part of that campaign.

I can offer you 20 seats for Veterans who were part of the Campaign to be part of the audience on Saturday 08 November.  The Veterans will not be asked to participate in the Festival other than to acknowledge their presence in front of the audience in the Hall on the evening.  Should any of your Veterans require a carer this is totally understandable and is part of the total of 20 seats available.  Unfortunately there are no places available for any Veterans who require a wheelchair.

The evening performance starts at 19:00 but we ask everyone to be seated by 18:30 and the performance will end at 20:45 approx.

As I have said I realize that this is extremely short notice and I appreciate any help you can give.

I will need to have names and contact addresses by next Friday (24 October) so that the tickets can be posted out the following week”.

With all best wishes.

Alan Purdie

National Events Co-ordinator

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