Major Ralph Rigden MBE RM has Crossed the Bar

A message from Ian Rigden

Major Ralph Rigden passed away suddenly on Saturday 9 Aug at home in Markinch, Scotland at the age of 82.My Mother and younger brother were withhim.

I am currently flying in from France on leave to be with them. Dad joined the Corps in 1949 as a marine and was a King’s Badgeman.He was commissioned in 1962, the year I was born.He served on operations in Malaya (1950-1952), Cyprus (1954-58), Aden (61-62), Northern Ireland (4 Times between1972 and 1977). Additionally he served in Hong Kong, Malta, Libya, Suez Canal, Beirut, Singapore, Sardinia, Norway and many more places.

He spent over 16 years of his service in 45 Cdo, including as QM for 5 years when they started their Arctic role. He retired in 1982 and then worked for the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces for 4 years and then the MOD in Bath until retiring fully in 1988. He was dogged by arthritis for the rest of his life but kept active with gardening and walking. Although he was a lifetime member of the RMA, he did not belong to any branch.He would think it fitting that he died in the 350th Anniversary of the Corps; he was on the 300th Anniversary Parade at Buckingham Palace in the Colour Party. I would be grateful if you could let your members know.

The funeral will be at the Kirkcaldy, Fire, Scotland, Crematorium on 21 Aug at 1330.

 Yours Aye,Ian Rigden

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