Dutchies son Jim has Crossed The Bar…

A Very Sad Day For A Corps Institution

 My name is Nev Weston I am a former Royal Marine. As most People who pass through the Commando Training Centre are aware that there is an establishment called “Dutchie’s” a place most frequent late at night. The original Dutchie was a former Royal Marine called Jim Holland after 25 years his son also known as Jim took over. The young Jim was my son-in-law, he has been ill for several months, sadly he passed away late last night.

One of the reasons I am passing this on to the RMA is that it is a good conduit for the passing of information and would appreciate this sad news being passed through your forum.

Such a shame Dutchie’s was to celebrate 50 years at the Commando Training Centre in 2015.

Hope all is well with the RMA

Thank you…  Regards…  Nev Weston

(Copied from Gen-Dit July 2014)

Foxnwolf comments…….

Awaiting further details re sendoff etc…

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