Dave Walker has Crossed the Bar… ex Para & Rtd Met Sgt


Dave Walker sadly crossed the bar Tuesday 20th May 2014

My so called “Parent Skipper” (PS 48LS) at Streatham Police Station otherwise known as Lima Sierra to those civvies who may be reading this. I joined at the ripe old age of 29 with a bunch of other like minded ex Knuckle Draggers. A few of us ended up in “L” district rather than the 18`ers who ended up nicking offenders under the “Badger Act” in the Burb`s we hankered for the sharp end.

A diamond of a man and a friend with a sense of humor second to none and a wit that could out maneuver any incoming flak before it even landed. He was foremost an ex Para but even I can forgive him for that. But I only knew Dave as a Skipper his wife Astrid who sadly passed away last year and his two daughters Jane & Carol at the time.

My heart is heavy at this moment as there are a few people in this world that make a difference in your life and leave a mark for one reason or another. Sometimes unexplainable. Dave was one of those, I hope he keeps a seat vacant for me.

The service is open but the wake is open only to family and close friends. Location is Medway Crematorium, Robin Hill Lane, Upper Blue Bell Hill, Kent ME5 9QU

Save me a seat Oppo…

“The Pipes”

“Utrinque Paratus”

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