Marine “A” Criminal or Casualty of War?

Marine “A” Criminal or Casualty of War?

Good morning, Though you might well have spotted it in your ‘Radio Times’, other Radio and
TV listings ARE available (who said that?), may I draw your attention to the
programme at 10.35pm on Wednesday, 9 April (tomorrow) on BBC1
Marine “A” Criminal or Casualty of War?

This is the case, of course, of Sgt Alex Blackman, Royal Marines,
NOT by coincidence, I am certain, his Appeal against conviction and sentence
takes place on Thursday. I currently have welfare responsibility for Alex’s
mother and later in the month that of his two sisters and brother will also
pass over to me. If the Appeal is successful, apart from a lot of tears of
relief, I doubt that they will need much welfare support!

Let us all hope and pray that it DOES all go well, for Alex’ sake as well as
his family. His mother is really struggling with it all.

Can you spread a reminder about this BBC1 programme to all the former RMs on
your network?

As ever,

Len C Huff RD
The Royal Marines Association’s Welfare Co-ordinator

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