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EXAMPLE; If i said, lets all meet up at location (Base of Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth at Table #2). Some of you may not have Sat Nav, be a bit dodgy on Map Reading and/or asking tourists for directions etc. Forget Compass reading or even Long – Lat Headings. All I would say is see you at Day,Date,Time at “Broker.Bake.Rope”…

Thats it all done and dusted. Modern Sat Navs are now giving updates over next few months if not already to combine “What3words”. Emergency services already using. Instead of screaming down the phone directions, locations or your lost to any individual or emergency services you could just shout “Broker.Bake.Rope” and they will locate you in seconds.

Every 3 sq mt of this planet has been allocated “3 words”. If you live in a apartment block you would give your 3 words block location plus add your door number plus floor number. so for arguements sake it would be “Broker.Bake.Rope.31.4”.

I already have my PC, Mac and Laptop. Including Cell phones loaded with this including my Sat Nav and they all update together. Finally I added my Contact List that also updates between all Tech just mentioned. So, your pissed and lost and need a lift home. Open your What3words app, check current location and give it or type into Uber App, all done…

Good Luck…


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