The amount of murders these days is rising like crazy. Time to bring back the Death Penalty.

The most recent in the past few days is a police officer in Thames Valley, dragged along the road by a car. And, a another victim stabbed with a screwdriver in Newcastle. Not withstanding countless others all over the country recently.

My view is if an individual(s) are caught / arrested (even others who conspired) and the evidence is exact with any type of surveillance, witnesses and forensic proving without a doubt. Those whether the assailant or any others involved (who did not attempt to prevent the fatal scenario should be dealt with with haste. If deemed to be mentaly unstable at the time (this must be investigated). The ultimate price must be paid.

No long dates for the courts to deal with, no long abated appeals (for no reason than dragging out the courts and “playing for time” etc

Whether hanging, lethal injection or by gas. Its about time we had a public vote…

So, whether any murder is committed, for whatever reason and there is no arguement over the assailants ID (or co conspirators who could have stepped in and prevented it happening). The “Death Penalty” should be imposed. Cant be any clearer than that.

I am sure that an individual can be employed who can…Pull the lever, Flick the Switch or Turn the Tap.

Only two (2) questions required on the ballot paper

1. Do you agree with the Death Penalty… yes or no


2. By which method… Hanging, Lethal Injection or by Gas

The time to act is now… So, (copy / paste the above) or send the link for this page to your local MP. Its time for the Public / Voters of the UK to speak up and demand the Death Penalty for the UK…


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