RM Monopoly Board Game to Celebrate 350th Anniversay of the Corp… On Sale Now!!!

reminderON SALE NOW

The 350th Anniversary Game
of Monopoly

RM Monopoly Board

Not only a Nostalgic Game to own and have but even more so when it Celebrates the Corps 350 Birthday

All you RM`s out there whether serving or retired including families and friends. Ex wives, cousins twice removed and any offspring that are known to you. Order for them or pass the link on to them via email. Your support needed as usual for this order to go Kick-Off.

Order form is here…


Link to Download Order Form and print it out is here…Download Order Form

Pay by Check and Post (address at bottom of Order Form) or Pay by Plastic over the Phone……. 02392 – 547 – 213

(if your overseas then dial 0 11 44 (*0) 2392 – 547 – 213 (*miss out the “0” in the local number when dialing from overseas to UK

Foxnwolf comments…….

In years to come your offspring could be showing one of these on the Antiques Roadshow and seeing as most will be Worn, Lost or falling apart I SUGGEST you buy TWO (2)… One (1) to play with and One (1) to hide (wrapped and in it original packaging)…

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