Battered Britain £0 & India £1 Billion


Isn’t it really bad that those poor folk who just happen to live below sea level have been flooded out since before Christmas 2013 without any realistic assistance. Homes flooded, power outages, toilets backed up, dead farm animals floating/rotting in the fields, trapped in their homes some, with no heating, short on food and basics plus either difficult or no access whatsoever…….

Wow, over a month later and the Red Cross appear and the “Military Planners” are having a Nose around…….

Whilst India gets £1 Billion a year from the UK and more at the drop of a hat should another country telephone #10 asking for a Handout…….

Well that’s gratitude! We give India £1bn in aid, THEY snub the UK and give France a £13bn jet contract

RIGHTMINDS: A £2bn space programme and Swiss bank accounts… Seen how aid to India is wasted

Am speechless as I cant really “Vent Off” how I really feel about this as I am sure there are millions of others…

Have you ever heard of the term “The Flight of the White” ?

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