All movies on the website will play on a PC only due to the “Flash” design of the site. So, all well and good if you only have a PC.

Technology which is now racing ahead in leaps and bounds therefore dictates different media formats for playing Movies. My attitude is if it aint broke dont fix-it. These large media companies always try and corner their market which gives headaches to websites.

So, I am slowly but surely converting all my movies to the “.mp4” format. Which will play on anything. It will be a basic setup initially until I can recode my pages so that they work as the current “.flv” flash movies do currently on the foxnwolf website. I am self taught re programming/coding so bear with me.

You will see “Links” and “QR” codes which will direct you to the new pages re Movies. The “Tribute” section is currently being written in the new format…

New Tribute Movies in .mp4 format Click Here

Or, Scan the QR Code below and “Bookmark”

qr code for foxnwolf mp4 movies


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