Mike “Tug” Wilson has Crossed the Bar… Funeral 7th Feb 2014… Support Needed… RMA Exmouth, Where were YOU?

Tug in Borneo August 1962

Tug in Borneo

Tug was 73 last July, but due to a major stroke some 20 yrs ago his body just gave in, he still had the “Bootnecks” sick sense of humour right up to the end. He leaves behind his Wife Diane of 50+ years, 3 daughters, 1 son and 8 Grandchildren. He certainly will be missed by everyone who knew him especially in his Village of Woodbury.

Rod…….&…….Tug…….(Oppo`s for ever)

He was my Oppo of 56 years also a dear friend of my family…

(RIP, Lots of love from Rod & Rose Spinks)

Exmouth RMA & Exeter RMA Standards will be there. + all members have been notified about details of Tugs funeral

7th February 2014 @ 1315hrs

Location of Exeter & Devon Crematorium…

Topsham Road
Devon EX2 6EU

The wake will be held after the funeral at…

The White Inn in Woodbury Village, all welcome

The White Heart Inn

Church Star Lane

Tel; 01395 232 221

Foxnwolf comments…….

RMA Exmouth? Where were YOU?

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4 Responses to Mike “Tug” Wilson has Crossed the Bar… Funeral 7th Feb 2014… Support Needed… RMA Exmouth, Where were YOU?

  1. Teflon says:

    Just had a sit-rep from Rod a few mins ago as he had just arrived home. Having stayed near Lympstone with his wife Rose as they were attending he best Oppo`s Funeral…

    Fantastic turn out for Tug, Bugler from CTCRM and Standard Bearer from RMA Exeter along with Family, Friends and Old Hands from long ago who met up to pull up a sandbag or two. Well done to all…


    RMA Exmouth, WHERE WERE YOU???????
    Rodders and Rose had a stroll into Tesco to stock up and get fuel prior to coming home when they noticed a few Old Hands shaking buckets. Rodders went into his “get straight to the point mode”;

    Q:Where are you lot from?
    A; RMA Exmouth
    Q; You lot let us down Friday
    A; With what?
    Q; We were waiting for your Standard Bearer and a few others to turn as promised to show respect for my Oppo Tug Wilson
    A; I am the Standard Bearer and I didn’t know anything about it
    Q; It was all organized and in Black & White. and I am going to make sure that someone swings for this. The Shit Hits the Fan on Monday…….

    I do believe that someone else was puffing his chest out but Rodders behaved as he had his Missus with him… Watch this Space…

  2. Teflon says:

    Plus, many thanks (You know who you are Royal) for helping Rodders Dress the Casket prior to the Funeral. And also the folding and presentation of the Flag which was placed into Special wooden Box with Beret and medals laid therein with a glass lid… and given to Tugs Family…


  3. rodders says:

    Former RM C/Sgt DL Darren “Daz” Notman did Tug and family proud , prior to Tugs passing he took them Sunday meals from his carvery at Smugglers Arms in Lympstone where he is the landlord.He organised the RM Bugler at Tugs funeral and the Union flag that draped Tugs coffin was folded in a triangle shape placed into a casket along with Tugs Green beret and his medals and presented to Tugs wife Diane he went above the call of duty to make sure that Tug had a “Bootnecks” send off, well done Daz from Tugs family and myself.

  4. rodders says:

    Reference the above info:
    RM C/SGT Darren “DAZ” Notman is the landlord of “THE SADDLERS ARMS” not smugglers arms as above sorry Daz ok. Great friendly Pub and great nosh.

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