What’s The Dumbest Thing You Could Say To A Congresswoman Who Lost Her Legs In Battle?


We need people LIKE THIS women in our UK Parliament, not the bunch of 
bankers (yes bankers) and professional politicians who have never done 
a proper day’s work in their lives…

Watch Congresswoman Duckworth take on a liar and a cheat . . . 
Talk about a smack down to a slime ball deserving it!

Listen to this GREAT LADY…

Congresswomen Duckworth was brilliant and brings to mind the fact that
she is a real war hero. She held the rank of Captain and was a
helicopter pilot. Her helicopter was shot down over Iraq and she lost
both of her legs and the use of her right arm

Mr. Castillo ‘s business received $500 million dollars in federal
business because he claimed he was a disabled veteran.

Mr. Castillo’s injury consists of hurting his foot while playing
football at an elite college prep school!

He never served a day in the service of his country, but he claimed
playing football at a college prep ROTC was the same as an injury in

Watch what Duckworth says to Mr. Castillo, who has made millions from
his “disabled veteran status”, while real disabled veterans live under
viaducts and in alleys because of what they saw or did in the defense
of this nation.

Give her four minutes to set this guy up before belittling him in front
of a congressional hearing. And the speaker of the meeting let her talk
longer than allotted regular time.

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