Royal Marines charged with murder


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Last October, CGRM released a statement concerning Royal Marines charged with murder that said the following:

Following their arrest by the RMP, 5 Royal Marines have been charged with murder on the direction of the Service Prosecuting Authority. They remain in custody pending court proceedings. You will understand that it would inappropriate to comment further on what is an ongoing investigation. We expect the highest standards of our people and that they operate inside the law on operations. The Royal Marine core values dictate that we behave at all times with the utmost integrity and respect. Every Marine would expect that where there is evidence of wrongdoing, it should be properly investigated and dealt with appropriately. It is always unhelpful for people to speculate without being aware of the evidence. We must therefore now let due process occur and be careful to avoid potentially damaging speculation, including (or especially) through contributing to any social media commentary.”

Since CGRM’s statement was issued the number of Marines that remain charged with murder has reduced to three, all of whom continue to receive considerable support from the Corps. Over the forthcoming weeks, it is expected that the case will gain higher profile as it comes to Court Martial. Judge Advocate General Jeff Blackett has advised that the trial is due to last three to four weeks and will commence on Monday 21 October, 2013. This will be a difficult time that we want to negotiate together by ensuring that the Corps family continues to follow the lines contained in CGRM’s statement.

You should all be aware that the names of the men remain protected by an anonymity order and any hint of their identity or the evidence against them would be in contempt of court.   Please do not indulge in speculation that will be unhelpful in all respects.  We will keep you informed of developments in the case.

Mike Ellis

M P Ellis OBE

Brigadier Royal Marines

Chief Executive


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